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We are NOT a qualified professional service.  We are just men like you that have had or still are struggling with the stresses & strains of being a man in today's world. We are here to listen, to share our experiences, how we learned to cope & to let you know that it's OK to feel lost & alone at times.  In fact, it's quite normal. 


Life throws us many challenges, some that can leave us feeling utterly broken and after decades of being told to 'man up' & 'boys don't cry', admitting to struggling was given the stigma of being a 'sign of weakness'.  Is it fuck!  Asking for help is one of the hardest things ANYONE can do & it takes huge strength to do it.  We will always be here to listen without judgment but if you feel that you are ready to take that next step, the following links all offer free & professional services that can help.  

Don't worry, you can still talk to us at any time.

You've got this.

It's ok to ask for help

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