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About BFT

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BFT stands for 'Brothers Fight Together' because that's what we do here.

I started BFT following my friend’s brothers’ suicide & witnessing how it destroyed her entire family & all of his closest friends.  Broken doesn't even come close & the shock waves could be felt everywhere.  This man was funny, charming, handsome, caring, a great father and was always the life of the party.  But, inside he was broken, inside he was screaming in pain & no one knew.  That's when I found out how little help for struggling adult males there is out there.  A lot of the websites were really difficult to navigate and I was calm when looking! Not desperate as most are when searching for help. The worst part though were the help lines. They were part time & the most ridiculous times of day.  Mental health doesn't work like that, you can't schedule in a breakdown when it suits!  So, I set up a Facebook group in the hopes that it would give some men a place to get support. By day 12, there were over 300 members, men sending amazing messages of support to total strangers & I'd had many a text conversation in the small hours of the morning .  The only problem was that Facebook kept being Facebook & removing things so we needed a new platform.  I'd have to build a chat room.  Shit!  But if it stopped just one more man from taking his own life, it would have been worth it.

Here, we support each other through whatever crisis you might be struggling with.  Nothing is off limits, bad language isn't an issue but the first hint of trolling, bullying or threatening behaviour & you'll be out the door.  I would also urge you to be careful about using people's real names on here, especially exes and children.  I understand the frustration, the 'wanting the world to know', but try not to let that get the better of you, the last thing you need is a knock on the door from the old bill.  Besides hate is NOT what this site is about.  This is a place of support for real, everyday men like you so that you know you are not alone.

Be anonymous or make a real-name member profile, it's completely up to you, just keep it 100% real.  The other members will be here to stand right by your side & support you.  They will talk to you, listen to you & share tips that have (and still do)  help them deal with the struggles that men have felt they should stay silent about for far too long. 

It's time to stand up against the stigma that has resulted in 3 out of 4 suicides being men under the 45.

Brothers Fight Together!

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